Discovery Process


Lab based research in to the mechanisms of epigenetics and targeting of drugs to interact in a positive manner on the epigenetic level to affect cancer outcomes.

We have developed pre-clinical models of rationally selected combination approaches incorporating epigenetic modifiers in mouse models of human acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), human myeloma and the immune environment while exploring new platforms for assessing epigenetic alterations.

Model discovery systems
The VEG aims to continue to develop novel model systems to study haematological disease, and impact and mechanism of therapeutics:

  1. preclinical modelling of combination epigenetic therapy in mouse models of human AML/lymphoma/MM
  2. epigenetic control of T cells
  3. nanotechnology
  4. epigenetic therapy in paediatric solid tumours (recurrent AT/RT, neuroblastoma and osteosarcoma)
Short Title Description of New Discovery project under development Investigator
Mouse models combo Rx AML/NHL/MM Pre-clinical testing of epigenetic agents used alone and in combination in mouse models of AML R Johnston
M Dawson
Epigenetic control T cells T cell fate and epigenetic control in myeloma and other haematologic cancers D Ritchie
Nanotechnology in epigenetic therapy Developing a low-cost, rapid nanotechnology-based assay measuring global DNA methylation to predict response and monitor epigenetic therapy. A Dobrovic
N Wong
HDACi Rxpaeds solid tumours Histone deacetylase inhibitors as differentiation therapy for paediatric solid tumours D Ashley