Funding Bodies

Victorian Cancer Agency (VCA)

The Victorian Cancer Agency (VCA) has been established to facilitate cancer research across Victoria. This research, and its translation into the clinical setting, is part of a complex and multi-faceted process. It is the goal of VCA to streamline and assist this process to improve clinical practice and care of cancer patients.

The VCA makes funding available for translational research, and enablers of cancer research, through investment in programs, projects, people and infrastructure. Any organisation that is, or will be, involved in cancer research in Victoria is eligible to apply for funding through the Victorian Cancer Agency.

VEG has been successful in sourcing grant money from the VCA through their Translational Research Project award, receiving 1 million annually commencing mid-2014 and running through until mid-2017.

VEG aim to complete start-up and recruitment to clinical trials investigating Haematological malignancies.




The Snowdome Foundation’s mission is to accelerate new treatments to Australians with blood cancers – leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma – helping them live longer, better lives. Snowdome works in a collaborative approach across several hospitals to find ‘breakthroughs’ in blood cancer research.

Formed in 2010, Snowdome has a deliberate mission to improving outcomes for Australian men, women and children with blood cancers. Snowdome aims to ‘unlock new treatments’ by channelling government and private philanthropic investment into early phase human clinical trials of next-generation drugs and therapies. No other Australian organisation has this focus for blood cancer.

Since 2010, the Snowdome Foundation has been working hard to raise funds and direct them towards achieving our mission. To date, they have secured and directed over $9 million to fund new clinical trials. As part of this competitive grant allocation, the VEG has been successful in receiving several grants from Snowdome to fund innovative start-up clinical trials.